The Lake Merced Boathouse

The Lake Merced Boathouse was built about 50 years ago, with its primary function being as a facility for rowers and a community center.  For many years it operated as a restaurant and sports bar.  Today it stands empty and deserted, a disgrace to the area and a lost opportunity for the community.

Friends of Lake Merced is beginning a campaign to restore this marvelous facility.  We don't know if it should be developed as a destination restaurant, much like the Beach Chalet, or returned to its original status as a community center.  As a first step we have written to John Murray, President of the Recreation and Park Commission, asking him to put this high on the Commission's priority list, and to involve the community in evaluating these alternatives.

  The San Francisco Chronicle, in the ChronicleWatch report for September 21, 2003, suggests that significant planning for the future of the Boathouse is underway.  As usual, there has been no community involvement in this effort.

  It seems like only yesterday that we were assured that "significant planning for the future of the Boathouse is underway."  In fact, that was two and one-half years ago.  Laura Kocourek, a local highschool student, and rower at the lake, has reminded us that not much has happened, and that it should!  (May 4, 2006)

We'll keep you posted here as we proceed.