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The Friends of Lake Merced

Preserving the Natural and Recreational Value 
of Lake Merced

John Plummer the webmaster who has maintained this site for the past ten years or so has retired.  The Lake Merced Task Force is supporting the site on our server so that the collected material  will continue to be available.  However, this information is archiuval only.  No new updates are available.


John Plummer

Welcome to the Friends of Lake Merced Web Site.

This site provides an archive of material describing the history, current condition, and restoration of Lake Merced and its environs.  We have collected quite a bit of data and as many of the several reports and studies about the lake as are available and posted them here.

Also, we recognize that our lake is one piece in the larger puzzle of the environment and water management in the region, state, and worldwide.  We hope that the links we have provided will assist you in learning about these issues.

The rows of links at the bottom of this screen provide access to the many sections of this site.  As may seem obvious, clicking on "Data" will, for example, provide access to the several factual reports about Lake Merced.  "Plans and Reports" similarly directs you to a documents library.  Each of these sections is divided into areas of interest such as water, natural areas and habitat, recreation, and so on.

If you see a problem at Lake Merced that you think should be reported to the Recreation and Park Department simply click on "ParkScan" below.  You will be able to send them your comments, together with a picture if you like

John Plummer