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For a comprehensive survey of the Lake Merced environment
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The Biogeography of Lake Merced

The Public Utilities Commission has collected and published
a series of plans and reports called

Lake Merced Restoration

We have attempted to assemble a complete list of organizations that have an interest in Lake Merced.  Undoubtedly we have missed more than a few.  If your organization is not listed here please contact us.

Community and Non-Profit Organizations
Americans for Our Heritage and Recreation:  A diverse organization representing conservationists, the recreation and sporting goods industries, park and recreation specialists, wildlife enthusiasts, advocates for urban and wilderness areas, preservationists of cultural and historic sites.  Many links to government and non-profit organizations.
California Dragon Boat Association  The Annual Northern California International Dragon Boat Championships are held at Lake Merced.  Check this link for dates.
California Native Plants Society The Society, working through its local chapters, seeks to increase understanding of California's native flora and to preserve this rich resource for future generations.
Cal Trout   Since 1971, CalTrout has been working for California's wild trout, native steelhead and the anglers who love to fish for them.  CalTrout has proven to be one of the most effective environmental organizations in the country.
Committee to Save Lake Merced:  Advocacy group on behalf of increasing the water level in the Lake.  (e-mail only)
Cool Communities: Cool Communities is a nonprofit action-oriented advocacy program aimed at improving air and water quality and conserving energy.  Check this site to learn about pervious pavements and fresh water capture.
Environmental Sciences Center:  works to nurture students awareness of their natural and man-made surroundings.  Located at Fort Funsten.
Friends of Islais Creek:
Joe Morlan's California Birding Page  Search on Lake Merced
Lakeshore Acres Improvement Club: neighborhood organization reprenting the home owners in the area just north of Lake Merced.  (415) 661-3807
Lake Merced Task Force:  The LMTF's mission is to work with community groups and local and state governments to implement programs, policies, and practices that will restore, enhance, and maintain the natural, educational, and recreational resources of Lake Merced.
Living Lakes, International: The Living Lakes partnership promotes voluntary international collaboration among organizations that carry out projects benefiting lakes, wildlife, and people.
The Mono Lake Committee:  For twenty years the Mono Lake Committee has been working to protect Mono Lake from destruction, to heal the damage done in the Mono Basin, and to educate the public about the natural environment and wise water use.
Nature in the City:  Mission: to restore a positive relationship between people and urban nature where they live, leading to local ecological sustainability.
Neighborhood Parks Council: The Neighborhood Parks Council is a coalition of community-based park groups which are actively involved in improving and restoring neighborhood parks in San Francisco.
The Oakland Museum maintains a guide to Bay Area creeks, including the Lake Merced watershed.
Restore Hetch Hetchy: The mission of Restore Hetch Hetchy is its name.
San Francisco Beautiful:  a non-profit urban design and beautification organization whose mission is to improve the livability of San Francisco by creating, enhancing and protecting civic beauty
San Francisco Parks Trust:  created to support the invaluable programs of the City's Recreation and Park Department.  (415) 750-5105
San Francisco Zoo
Sierra Club, San Francisco Chapter
SPUR, Goal: Promote new thinking about cities and nature; plan not just for urbanism, but for ecological urbanism.
Sustainable City: a community effort to creat a sustainable future for the City of San Francisco.
Trust for Public Lands: funding national nonprofit working exclusively to protect land for human enjoyment and well-being
Tuolumne River Preservation Trust: working to promote the stewardship of the Tuolumne River and its tributaries to ensure a healthy watershed.
Water Education Foundation:  creating a better understanding of  water issues through educational programs.
Western Neighborhood Project:  A nonprofit organization formed to preserve and document the history and culture in the neighborhoods of western San Francisco.
    Guns & Golf:  The story of the Broderick/Terry duel, by Steve LaBounty, July 2000
    The Great Race, by Steve LaBounty, December 2000
Yerba Buena Chapter, California Native Plants Society  The Yerba Buena Chapter encompasses San Francisco and northern San Mateo Counties and is named for the tiny fragrant mint Satureja douglasii found in this area.

Recreational Groups
Bay Area Ridge Trail
California Dragon Boat Association   The Annual Northern California International Dragon Boat Championships are held at Lake Merced.  Check this link for dates.
Dolphin Swimming and Boating Club:  The Dolphin Club maintains a boathouse on beautiful Lake Merced in San Francisco, which is open to all members.
GoCity Kids:  A children's (and parent's) guide to the Lake Merced area prepared by a group of internet veterans and supported by Rooftop Publishing
Harding Park Golf Course:
Pacific Rod & Gun Club
The Pacific Rowing Club
RCH:  Convention and banquet facilities supported by the Recreation Center for the Handicapped.
San Francisco Bay Area Triathlon:  A runner's guide to Lake Merced.
San Francisco Bicycle Coalition
Skate the Lake Merced Loop Any Sunday:  A skater's site maintained by Howard Cohen.

Schools & Universities
Bluffton College, Mary Ann Sullivan:  Photographs of the Bufano statue "Peace" taken by her brother, Doug Miller.
Lowell High School:  Lowell Tour visit to Lake Merced
St. Ignatius College Prepatory High School
San Francisco State University:
Biology Department
Department of Health & Human Services
Environmental Studies Program
        The Biogeography of Lake Merced

University of California at Davis, Information Center for the Environment:  Water quality standards inventory database, Lake Merced
University of Washington Soil Liquefaction Website:  Provides general information for interested lay persons.  Photo taken at Lake Merced provides a graphic example of soil liquefaction.

Government Agencies