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Lake Merced Task Force
Lake Merced Task Force
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Lake Merced Task Force
About the Lake Merced Task Force


In August 1999 San Francisco Beautiful and Friends of Lake Merced hosted a meeting of Lake Merced advocates.  All agreed that the growing public alarm over Lake Merced's rapid deterioration must be addressed, and that a comprehensive stewardship program was needed to address it's sustainability as one of San Francisco's most valuable natural and recreational areas.
San Francisco Beautiful, Friends of Lake Merced, and San Francisco State University took the lead in forming the Lake Merced Task Force (LMTF).  With the endorsement of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, the SF Recreation and Park Commission, and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, representatives of over 30 Task Force affiliates, including environmental organizations, neighborhood associations, recreational groups, educational institutions, government agencies, and elected officials began work in February 2000.


The Task Force consists of three administrative and three technical committees.  These committees work independently and together to meet the goals stated in the Initial Report and Stewardship Proposal which was adopted by the full task force in June of 2001.


  1. Membership and Member Relations:
    To encourage further neighborhood associations and other civic organizations to join the task force.
    To develop, maintain, and use tools for communication to and between all members of the task force and task force committees.

  2. Resources:
    To find resources (money through grants), logistic support (meeting venues, etc, and contributions in kind, etc that will support the work of all committees of the task force.

  3. Publicity:
    To get out the word on work of the Task Force through press releases, editorials, op-ed pieces, letters to the editor, etc.
    Create, enhance, and maintain a working web site for the Task Force and all committees of the Task Force.


  1. Recreation:
    To study the recreational potential of Lake Merced and help  bring that potential to fruition.

  2. Nature:
    To study the natural habitats of Lake Merced and help preserve, restore, and enhance the diversity of those habitats.

  3. Water:
    To study the cause for the decline in the water level of Lake Merced and look for solutions to halt the decline.
    Function to encourage all stakeholders and regulatory entities to work to restore Lake Merced

Subcommittees and working groups will be formed as needed to work on specific plans and projects.

The Steering Committee is formed from representatives of all other committees and members-at-large and provides a proactive coordinating role and acts as the conduit for the exchange of information to and from the Task Force.

Lake Merced Task Force
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