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Lake Merced Task Force

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Civilian Marksmanship Program
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Daly City Department of Water and Wastewater Resources
Dolphin Clubb
Golden Gate Audubon Society
Golden Gate Heights Neighborhood Association
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Lake Merced Hill Recreation and Management Association
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Nature in the City
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San Francisco Beautiful
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
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California Native Plant Society - Yerba Buena Chapter
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National Park Service, GGNRA
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Lake Merced Task Force
Lake Merced Task Force

Document Archive

Lake Merced Task Force

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Historical Documents

Agendas | Minutes | Resolutions | Budget | Financial | Reports | Actions | MOU | Other Documents


Agenda LMTF September 21, 2005

Agenda LMTF March 9, 2005

Agenda LMTF December 2, 2004

Ad Hoc Master Plan Committee, October 20, 2004

Ad Hoc Master Plan Committee, October 19, 2004

Steering Agenda October 5, 2004

Agenda Ad Hoc Master Plan Committee, September 28, 2004

Agenda LMTF September 8, 2004

Agenda LMTF June 9, 2004

Agenda for June 9, 2004 Special Meeting

Agenda for March 10, 2004 meeting

Agenda for December 3, 2003 meeting

Agenda for September 17, 2003 meeting

Agenda for July 9, 2003 Meeting

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LMTF Minutes October 4, 2005

LMTF Minutes September 21, 2005

LMTF Minutes June 15, 2005

LMTF Minutes March 9, 2005

Minutes June 9, 2004

Minutes September 8, 2004

LMTF Minutes 09-17-03 Draft

LMTF Minutes 07-09-03 Approved

LMTF Minutes 04-09-03 Approved

LMTF Minutes 02-26-03 Approved

LMTF Minutes 01-30-03

Daly City Minutes 01-03-03

LMTF Initial Meeting 02-10-2000

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Resolutions for the September 21st meeting available for download:

Gap Analysis Resolution

Resolutions for the March 9th meeting available for download:

1) Activating the resources committee to fundraise for the MP

2) For approval of MP committees planning model

3) For World Environmental Day 2005

4) For E Voting

5) Lakeshore Tenants Resolution

6) NAP Resolution

7} Boathouse Resolution

Water Committee Resolution 02-26-2004

Resolutions for July 9th Meeting

Grant committee resolution 12-03-2003

Lake Level Policy Statement 12-03-2003

Lake Level Resolution 09-03-2003

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lmtf draft budget

Treasurers Report July 2003

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Grant Liability Document

Financial Report 06-02-04

Grant committee resolution 12-03-03

Treasurers Report July 2003

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Initial Report & Stewardship Proposal

Initial Report Stewardship

Assessment of Water Addition Scenarios at Lake Merced," May, 2002

Testable Hypotheses on the Conceptualization of Lake Merced and the Westside Ground-water Basin," December, 2002

Lake Merced (the "EDAW contract")

Cover sheet for Task 2 draft Technical Memorandum

Task 2 Draft Technical Memorandum (Field Surveys)

Lake Merced Errosion Report

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LMTF Action Notes 04-26-2001

LMTF Action Notes 01-25-2001

LMTF Action Notes 09-28-2000

LMTF Action Notes 03-09-2000

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Memorandum of Understanding

LMTF MOU 9-17-03

Draft MOU 07-02-2003

LMTF MOU 2002-2003 draft

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Other Documents

Draft Vision Document 2-19-04

Links to 04-09-03 meeting presentation material

Lake Merced _01 Base Map (new topographic map with 1' contour interval and existing bathymetric information)

Lake Merced _02 Vegetation Map (map identifying the vegetation types found around the lake)

Lake Merced _03 Transect Map (map identifying the location of the monitoring transects)

Lake Merced _04 Graphic Representation of Shoreline if Water Level Was Raised to 8.5 ft City Datum (or 26 ft Gauge Board).

Work Plan for the Assessment of Water Addition Scenarios to

Attachment Nos. 1 to the Work Plan

Attachment Nos. 2 to the Work Plan

Status of Project Table

LMTF Initial Meeting 02-10-2000

Lake Merced (the "EDAW contract")

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Lake Merced Task Force
Lake Merced Task Force
Lake Merced Task Force
The Mission Statement for the forthcoming years of the Lake Merced Task Force is:

In order to insure the continued stewardship of Lake Merced the LMTF's mission is to work with community groups and local and state governments to implement programs, policies, and practices that will restore, enhance, and maintain the natural, educational, and recreational resources of Lake Merced.


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