January 25, 2001

Seven Hills Conference Center

5:00 – 9:00 p.m.


Michael Carlin and Suzanne Gautier – Co-Chairs




Zingale reviewed the evenings agenda and re-established SFSU’s commitment to the taskforce. 


Roll call


SF Beautiful

Friends of Lake Merced


Audubon Society

Neighborhood Parks Council


Friends of Recreation and Parks

Mgmt Assoc.

SF Zoo

Dolphin Rowing Club

CPRS Dist. 4

SF Recreation and Parks Dept.

Names of organizations

National Park Service

UCSF rowing club

Lakeshore Acres club

SF Bicycle Coalition

Send Rowing club

Sierra Club

American True


Stewardship Program


Plummer and Workman gave a brief presentation on the progress and future of LMTF Stewardship Program.


Committee Presentations – See reports


Nature Report – Presented by Barbara Holzman (co-chair of committee)

Requests continued communication between all committees through the implementation



Recreation – presented by Ginny Jaquith (Chair)

Changes to this report:

1.     Identified cost factors for each recommendation

2.     Developed a prioritization process for recommendation rankings.


Water – Presented by Tim Colen (Co-Chair)

It was agreed upon by all groups that the water report and comment letter  will be voted on as one document.


Discussion ensued re: voting process.

One vote for every organization


A motion was made to adopt all reports as submitted



An unfriendly amendment was proposed to delete the major findings in the water report and have  the water group revisit the dates recommended for implementation.


A motion was made to accept all reports as is with the comment letter included as part of the water report was accepted unanimously by the taskforce. 


It was agreed upon by all voting members of the taskforce to add in the executive summary that  not all organizations agree with all recommendations in every report but that as a taskforce, we generally agree to the reports.


Next Steps

A writing committee was established:  Jaquith, Workman, Colen,  Stark, Sargent (Hernandez and Narkewicz  to volunteer with administrative assistance).


Future of LM

Steering committee - new members are as follows:


PUC, SF Recreation and Parks Dept, the Mayor’s office, Dist. 7 supervisor, Dist. 12 state assembly’s office will continue to be on steering committee – (includes aides of legislators) ex- oficio role.


Colen, Workman, and Zingale were nominated from the floor.


Individual work groups will designate a member to the Steering Committee. 




Writing committee to complete first draft of executive summary before next steering committee meeting.


Zingale asked for a reprieve from secretarial services.


Steering committee to convene and discuss future infrastructure of LMTF.


LMTF Resolution:  Discussion ensued and resolution was passed with minor changes noted below. 


*RESOLVED, that the Task Force develop a governance structure.


*RESOLVED, that the Resource Committee explore funding options.


*RESOLVED, that the governing structure assemble a stewardship report composed of 

  an executive summary and the approved recommendations.


*RESOLVED, that the LMTF presents this report with a consideration of the appropriate

 regulatory agencies. 


Next meeting -   April 26, 2001 - hosted by SFSU