Lake Merced Task Force

Full Task Force Meeting


San Francisco State University

Seven Hills Conference Center

April 26, 2001

5 – 8 pm


Attendance: Alphabetical Order

American True/True Youth                                       Ward Latimer

Audubon Society                                                            Dan Murphy

CA Native Plant Society                                       Pete Holleran

CA Native Plant Society                                       Randy Zebell

CA Parks & Recreation Society, Dist. 4                      Ginny Jaquith

CA State Coastal Conservancy                            David Hayes

City Attorney’s Office                                     

City College of San Francisco                                Anna-Marie Bratton

City of Daly City                                                     Patrick Sweetland

Committee to Save Lake Merced                                    Jerry Cadagan

Crosby, Heafy, Roach, and May                             James Wood

Dolphin Rowing Club                                                   Gary Ehrsam

Friends of Lake Merced                                       John Plummer

Friends of Lake Merced                                       David Dawdy

Friends of Recreation and Parks                           Mike Leo

Golden Gate Heights Neighborhd Assoc.             Dick Allen

Greater West Portal Neighborhd Assoc.             Tim Colen

Lakeshore Acres Improvement Club                            Flora Zagorites

National Park Service – GGNRA                                  George Durgerian

Neighborhood Parks Council                                      Linda Hunter

Office of Assemblyman Kevin Shelley              Suzanne Gautier

Office of Mayor Willie Brown                         David Hochschild

Office of State Senator Jackie Speier                          Erin Peters

Office of Supervisor Tony Hall                                Mary Landers

Olympic Club                                                              Bob Maddow

Pacific Rod and Gun Club                                      Kevin Rushton          

Public Utilities Commission                                        Michael Carlin

Public Utilities Commission                                        Joan Ryan

RCH, Inc.                                                                    Ron Hamilton

San Francisco Beautiful                                              Dee Dee Workman

San Francisco Beautiful                                              Tamar Cooper

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition                                 Robert Karis

San Francisco Recreation & Parks Dept.                  Lisa Wayne

San Francisco Recreation & Parks Dept.                  Marvin Yee

San Francisco State University                                Don Zingale

San Francisco State University                                David Frietag

San Francisco State University                                Debbie Hernandez

San Francisco State University                                Barbara Holzman

San Francisco State University                                Victoria Narkewicz

San Francisco State University                                Phil Ting

San Francisco Zoo                                                      Laura Louttit

San Francisco Zoo                                                      Eva Sargent

Sierra Club                                                                  Ruth Gravanis

SPEAK                                                                        Carolyn Gates

South End Rowing Club                                       John Hentz              

SPUR                                                                          Dick Morten

UCSF Rowing Club                                                    Mary Allen

West of Twin Peaks Central Council                                    Bud Wilson


No Organization                                                    Young, Robert


Chairs:  Dee Dee Workman and Suzanne Gautier




Ø     Mr. Bergstrom from CalTrout will present an update on the CalTrout petition after the resolutions on today’s agenda have been discussed and voted.

Ø     Mr. Bob Maddow representing Olympic Club will make a request for a substitute motion after the introductions.

Ø     Patrick Sweetland representing the City of Daly City, would like time after the update of PUC $150K.   he support from the taskforce regarding state legislation.


Introductions: Round table of name and organization


Addition: Maddow asks the taskforce to indefinitely table three resolutions (resolution’s are a reward for divisive conduct of few LMTF members) and move directly to the vision of the future of LMTF and stewardship program.


Discussion ensued

Colen: Consensus cannot be met with difficult decisions that need to be made on these issues.  We need to change the behavior in order to change the mismanagement of the natural resource.


Allen:  Would accept the motion if 4 parties (Carlin, Maddow, Sweetland, SF City Attorney) leave the meeting to get together and discuss the details of LMTF MOU and present to group how the water committee issues can be resolved.


Roll call vote to indefinitely table the three resolutions that appear on the agenda for tonight’s meeting.


22 no, 6 abstain, 4 yes


There was a substitute motion by Allen to postpone the hearing of the three resolutions; however, after the vote this substitute motion was withdrawn.

Procedure for hearing resolutions:

Ø      Hearing of resolution

Ø      Hearing of rebuttal

Ø      Discussion

Ø      Vote


Water Management Resolution (03-001)


Steering Committee voted to bring this resolution to the Task Force with the recommendation that it be approved.  Colen introduced resolution (written by Jerry Cadagan).  In past year, 5 new wells being planned: some as alternative wells.  This resolution calls for TF to go on record saying stop overdraft and any plans for new wells being drilled. 


Discussion ensued.  No changes or additions were made to resolution nor additional action by task force members. 


Roll call vote:  03-001

no:      10   Yes:     19       Abstain: 4



Westside Basin Aquifer Resolution (not Olympic club well)


This resolution also came from the Steering Committee.  It declares the mismanagement of natural resource and the need for drilling/pumping data to enhance the hydrology information about Lake Merced.


It had been decided by the Taskforce that the organizations would be told that the information would be made public and exact reports submitted. 


The motion is withdrawn and a substitute motion was made:  as representative of LMTF, the water committee is authorized to request 150+ info on the pumping of the wells on a regular annualized basis for additional information to better understand the hydrology of the Westside basin.



Approved by acclimation


Arbitration Resolution (04-001)

Temporary postponement of motion to hear cal trout representative


Cal Trout – Bergstrom

Ø     Interested in entire west side basin aquifer

Ø     CalTrout decided not to become a LMTF member as CalTrout could not in good faith work with those on the TF that are named in the petition (filed Jan 30).

Ø     Focus of petition: public trust doctrine: state and local government have authority to ensure that land, air, water is protected for future generations.

Ø     Water quality

Ø     Waste of public water use out of west side basin

Ø     Violations: regulatory permits by pumpers

Ø     Want state water board to mediate not an outside source

Ø     Process could involve litigation


Questions were raised about the resources of the control board to follow through as well as jurisdiction and the concern for the overall health of the lake and it’s surrounding environment. 


CalTrout is mainly interested in the water quality/volume not the surrounding environment


End of CalTrout Update


Arbitration Resolution (04-001)


Proposed by Leo: Friends of Recreation and Parks would like to provide the money needed for mediation in effort to avoid delay of Lake Merced action and improvement as well as ensure that mediation happens before process escalates to arbitration. 


Discussion ensued.  Leo withdrawals resolution.


Substitute resolution introduced Jerry Cadagan (also defined as 04-001)

Which endorses mediation over litigation with more detailed language. 

Discussion ensued.  Cadagan withdrawals resolution.


The taskforce agrees to acknowledge Friends of Recreation and Parks for making this offer and both resolutions are withdrawn.


Update of Scope of Work for PUC’s $150K


All three committee’s participated


Agenda Addition: Sweetland  report/request


Sweetland asks the LMTF members to write letters of support for AB 303: groundwater management grant proposal.  Deadline May 3. 



·       Sweetland/Maddow will draft letter of support and get to Narkewicz by tomorrow April 27, 2001.



Clarification:  The money in AB 303 is in addition to the PUC $150K money. 

There were no objections to giving support to this bill. 


Coastal Conservancy Grant

Lisa Wayne and Randy Zebell will postpone their presentation on the $1.5 million trail restoration project; however, will need to approve the drafts of the interpretive signs tonight.  Zebell will email Narkewicz and the nature committee with the drafts.


Recreation Committee Report - withdrawn


Stewardship: Zingale

For the sake of time Zingale asked the TaskForce to read his memo (dated April 26, 2001), which discusses plans to start development of a center.  Zingale asked the taskforce what would be the best way to do plan, get community involvement, and doesn’t interfere with other issues around the lake (water level/quality etc.)  Deadline for comments: the week of April 29.


Discussion ensued


LMTF is in process of collecting any descriptive literature of projects to develop an executive summary.


Executive Summary report – Colen

Dated April 2001


SFPR Elizabeth Goldstein would like a report from TF before the summer.



LMTF return Executive summary responses to Colen by May 4


In packet for Goldstein meeting:

Exec summary

History of TF


List of members

All committee reports


Next steps

Resources committee

May 1, 2001


455 golden gate #14600


Olympic Realty (Parkmerced Apts.)

Zingale received $5000 to support LMTF for clerical support

Zingale set up a LMTF account at SFSU Foundation

Steering committee will divide what to do with the money.



DZ will write thank you letter and will send Olympic Realty an information packet


Next Meeting

August 9, 2001

Location:  TBA

Time:  TBA


Meeting adjourned: 8:40 pm